Sketching is one of the earliest stages in my design process. I always keep with me an A6 Moleskine sketchbook, taking notes and drawing almost everything that comes to my mind.


I use 3D modelling for different purposes. In some cases I just need to get a quick idea of how the project can work in 3 dimension, in other cases I use modeling softwares to go deeper into the design process and build up a fineshed product.


I like experimenting different kind of renderings. Sometimes I try to get the most of the result from the software itself. Sometimes I use it as a middle step, refining all the tiniest details on other softwares. This basically depends on which kind of output I want to generate and which kind of language I want to talk.


I love doing mockups because it’s the easiest way to get an immediate feedback of what you’re working on. Especially when I’m designing small dimension items, it’s fundamental to craft rough mockups for ergonomic and proportion purposes.


Making layout it’s something that really please me becuse it involves a certain graphic attention and taste that I want to involve in my presentations. I like using app/web settings because can be lled easily with pre-design mockups. Typesetting contents into pages is also a matter of “how do you want to narrate your own story?”, and I’m always thrilled by stories.