Tech souvenirs for an archeology museum

Avi is a collection of 4 souvenirs designed for Medieval Museum of Milan.Avi, which in italian means “anchestors” is a collection of four primitive tools designed for contemporary survival: USB pendrive / earphones wrap / phone doc / phone lenses holder. These items borrow the aesthetic from the stone age and miming ancient manufacts, answer our daily needs: listening to music, taking pictures, sharing contents and enjoing every kind of media entertainment.

An almost unknown yet precious collection

Among the vast choice of museums, galleries and cultural centers Milan offers, I have chosen the Archaeological Museum, or rather say the collection of Preisory and Protohistory of the Museums of Castello Sforzesco. It is a very small collection and very little associated. The pieces in the museum tell of the past settlements in Lombardy and other areas of northern Italy and testify the presence of different forms of Neolithic and Lombard manufacturing.

I deliberately chose a small and not very well known reality because I liked the idea of developing a project that could help to raise awareness of a heritage not sufficiently valued.

Most of the objects present are divided into jewellery and work/hunting tools. In particular, the latter fascinated me because in their formal and material simplicity they constituted the essential survival tools that these men were using.

This made me reflect on the relationship we have with our everyday objects and how often they constitute an important part of our means of survival. I also found that we entrust all we have to instruments that are way less analogical than those of the past, but that the absence of them would make us return to live a little like our ancestors.

Avi – tools for contemporary survival

The four souvenirs I designed are a headphone winder, a phone dock, a lens holder and a USB pen. Four “complex” objects, but designed with the simplicity and intuitiveness that a caveman would have used.

The four products recall a prehistoric aesthetic but instead of stone they are made of high density silicone, so that they can be transported, used and cleaned without effort.Four collectible and indispensable souvenirs for lovers of technological gadgets or for those who, always connected, must survive every day to the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Also the logo developement involved the same kind of approach. That’s why I decided to use very linear and simple pictograms, the only that a Neolithic man could have produced carving the rock with a flint.

Project infos

Year: November 2016
Project duration: 3 weeks
Client: NABA
Project supervisor: Claudio Larcher
My role: research & analysis / concept & product development / prototyping