Atelier Hager
Atelier Hager
An interactive showroom in the heart of Paris
Hager France asked Studio Volpi to design their brand’s first showroom in Paris. The project scope was to design a multi-functional and interactive space where all the Hager customers and partners could experience the brand'd 60+ years of history, products and services in a tailor-made way.
Research, concept development, digital content production, art direction
Mohamed El Boughlali, Eric Loiseau, Silvia Mazzon, Fabrizio Gagliardi
December 2018 - December 2020
Getting to know the brand
Hager Group is a manufacturer of electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings based in Germany. The company, founded in 1955, is composed by 7 individual brands that within the Hager holding, provide products and services ranging from energy distribution and cable management to intelligent building automation and security systems. During the research phase of the project, my task was to learn as much as I could about the company's background, understand the types of visitors the showroom would have had, and define the ideal experience across the space for each of them. To accomplish this task, I helped organising and leading workshops with the Hager's project team, both remotely and at the company's headquarters in France.
Research insights
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One visit paths for each type of visitor
Given that the showroom wasn’t going to have a single audience, we landed on the idea of having multiple visiting paths, so the digital contents displayed in this space could easily adapt depending on the circumstances and types of visitors.
One visit protocol to rule them all
After producing a massive catalogue of all the available multimedia content, we defined a topic, list of assets, tech requirements and states for each area of the showroom. The output of this work was what we called the ‘visit protocol’.
L'atelier & le témoin
The building where the showroom was going to be built had been an industrial factory until 1950s, so given the need for this space to be flexible, the association with a workshop, an ‘atelier’ in French, came up almost immediately. This metaphor inspired the architects to work on a rustic shell that could house a technological core and further extended to the creation of the ‘temoin’, a wooden remote that is set up at the entrance based on the guest’s job title, and used to show them relevant content in each touchpoint. As part of this phase, I led the creation of visuals for the various areas of the showroom including the external window, that was used to pitch the atelier’s concept to the client.
3D rendering of the Hager showroom interiors
Early designs for the showroom multimedia visuals
Three views of the same building faced with different visuals applied to it
Hand sketches of the témoin
A multidisciplinary space
We had to make a few compromises on the quantity of the visual contents that we wanted to display across the showroom. Still, we managed to strike a good balance between our creative aspirations and the customer's need. This is testified by the fact that, since it’s opening in 2021, the showroom has been consistently used as a place for events, product showcases, workshops and trainings, which was exactly what it was designed for.
Isometric 3D exploded view of the atelier's buildingFlip card back
The window design was heavily resized in scope, but I designed a few proposals for a future revamp.
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Four views of the totem with different visuals on the screens
Graphic representing the Hager branding guidelinesFlip card back
I closely collaborated with the Hager communication department to craft unique visuals for this space.
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Four views of the ledwall with different visuals on the screensIsometric 3D reconstruction of the Hager showroom
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The visuals identify the different areas, blending in with the life happening inside the building.
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