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Photo of Luca hiking in the Italian AlpsPhoto of Luca taking a picture with a camera in the Moroccan desert Photo of Luca holding a surfboard in Portugal
Photo of Luca taking a picture with a camera in the Moroccan desert Photo of Luca holding a surfboard in PortugalPhoto of Luca hiking in the Italian Alps
Photo of Luca holding a surfboard in PortugalPhoto of Luca hiking in the Italian AlpsPhoto of Luca taking a picture with a camera in the Moroccan desert
Ciao! I'm Luca, a Product Designer currently living in Ireland and working at Microsoft. I have been designing physical and digital products since 2018, and I haven't got bored yet •ᴗ•
Frequently Asked Questions
What are you doing right now?
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I currently live in Dublin (Ireland) and work as UX Designer in Microsoft Teams, with a focus on frontline workers. Previously, I was part of the MWT (Modern Work Transformation) team, an internal innovation hub, focused on designing productivity apps in Teams for the frontline industry, such as Shifts, Approvals, Walkie Talkie, Viva Connections and many more. In my time at Microsoft I've had the chance to work on many different kind of projects, such as net new solutions or small feature improvements in vertical product areas, as well as long-term visions across multiple Microsoft products.

What’s your professional experience?
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Right after my bachelor degree in 2017, I did my internship as an Industrial Designer for Studio Giulio Iacchetti in Milan, Italy. During that short time, I helped the studio designing pieces of furniture, product packagings and exhibitions, by creating 3D models and physical prototypes in the tiny studio's laboratory. After that experience, I worked as a freelencer for a few months, partly for Opendot, a makerspace, and partly for my own clients, mostly small entrepreneurs and startups. Before the end of that same year, I joined Studio Volpi, an international design consultancy, where I spent the following two years working as a UX/UI Designer. During this experience, I designed websites, embedded interfaces, IOT products and a showroom, partnering closely with brand specialists, industrial designers and mechanical engineers to bridge the gap between physical products and their digital experiences. If you're interested, you can read more about each of these experiences on my LinkedIn profile.

How was your education?
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During high school, I attended what in Italy is called 'Liceo Classico', an old public educational path that is focused on humanistic subjects, including literature, latin, ancient greek, history and philosophy. Despite being the toughest 5 years of my life, I learned the importance of having methodology and critical thinking, two invaluable learnings that I still apply today. With a strong desire to find a more expressive learning path and a quite considerable dose of unconsciousness, I decided to apply for an industrial design university course. I attended the NABA, a fine arts academy in Milan, and despite being one of the very few students without a former artistic background, I graduated from my Bachelor with the highest marks and with a thesis around the blend between the Italian and the foreign handicraft traditions. Besides this, I had the chance to display several of my university projects at design fairs and win a few international prizes along the way. Driven by my interest in facing more concrete challenges, right after my degree, I decided to start pursuing my professional career.

What's your biggest achievement?
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My biggest achievement is the one that still has to come. Jokes aside, I'm that kind of person that thrives by doing lots of different things and what this often entails, is that I spend little time enjoying those achievements, since by then, I probably already have a new goal in mind. On the flip side, this drives me to do more, helps me finding new growth opportunities, feeds my curious nature and, most importantly, helps me understanding what I'm not interested in.

What do you like about being a designer?
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What I love the most about design is that it sits at the intersection between art, business and technology, three subject I'm deeply passionate about. The second thing is that design it's a universal mean of expression that can be used to tackle incredibly complex challenges as well as for purely recreational purposes. The third and final aspect is that design it's an ever-evolving practice, which shifts shape as the technology evolves, so designers in a 100 years time from now will probably deal with very different problems, and that's a very exciting perspective to look at.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
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If the night is dark and full of terrors, then the future is foggy and full of unforeseeable events. However, dreams are still free, so when looking forward, I see myself as a creative director in a big company and an angel investor in tech startups. In both cases, I hope I'll be able to let my creative juices flow, transfer my experience to others, and ultimately keep creating cool stuff.

How do you spend your spare time?
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As some friends might say, I'm a man of many passions. While some of these come and go like seasons, some others have persisted throughout multiple stages of my life. I'm generally passionate about outdoor sports that involve exploration such as surfing, cycling, kayaking and hiking. When I'm too lazy to get up early in the morning and put on a wetsuit or a pair of hiking boots, I like taking photographs, reading graphic novels and playing various sorts of video/board/tabletop games.

More about me
You can find more about me online on LinkedIn Dribbble 500px X.com Spotify Instagram Superpeer
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