Urmet Bean
Telecare hub
Urmet Bean
A telecare hub for the entire home
Bean is a personal project submitted for an open contest on Desall in May 2018 for Urmet ATE, an Italian manufacturer of home security devices. The company's brief was to design a smart home safety hub and a remote that could help people in need calling emergency services.
Research, Industrial design, Design engineering
Personal project
May 2018
A detailed project brief
Urmet shared with all the contestants a very detailed brief, describing both the expected target, the technical requirements and the minimum set of interactions that the device and the remote had to support. While primarily targeting seniors, I wanted this product to have a modern design, with tactile materials and rounded geometry, appealing to the entire family with its friendly and trustworthy appearance, so it could easily fit into a home.
Research insights
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Little room to interpretation
Given the strict requirements given by Urmet, there was little to no room to come up with interaction proposals that differed from the original guidelines. Since the UX was already defined, most of the wiggle room was going to be on the aesthetic.
The hub is just half of the solution
While most of the interactions were being carried out by the hub, the remote needed to be a simplified version of it, allowing users to achieve the call for help with an even simpler interaction, especially when far away from the hub itself.
A discreet, yet modern device
My research focused on emphasizing a user-friendly and reliable interface, as well as exploring the use of materials like fabric in home appliances, drawing inspiration from companies like Google and Vifa. Early sketches and 3D models led me to favor a slightly angled front face for improved visibility and user interaction. To ensure stability and accommodate internal components, I opted for a lower hard case while experimenting with a fabric cover.
Collage of different industrial products used for inspiration
Picture of me in front of a collage of sketches pinned to the wall
Early sketches of the Urmet Bean telecare hub
Collage of renders of the Urmet Bean hub and wearable
3D renders of the different parts composing the Urmet Bean product shell
Your new safety companion
Named after its distinctive bean-shaped body, Bean is a compact hub that fulfils the company's requirements. It boasts an intuitive interface with three main physical buttons and a digital display for additional information. Despite the project wasn't selected for the contest, I was happy about the quality of my output and about taking the risk to explore the device's engineering, a topic on which at the time I had very little familiarity with.
Render of a hand pressing the SOS button on the Urmet Bean hub
Render of the back of the Urmet Bean telecare hubFlip card back
of tech
All the essential ports are on the back, including a Mini USB for charging and a SIM card slot for data connection.
Flip card
Image of a Urmet Bean hub on a table
Fingers pressing over the button onto the wearable necklace Flip card back
The wearable pendant combines a robust hard back and soft silicone front to prevent accidental presses.
Flip card
Render of two hands welcoming a flying necklace wearable Wearable necklace rendered on three different models Render of the Urmet Bean hub in three different colorations
Exploded view of the Urmet Bean device. showing the inside componentsFlip card back
The color options were chosen to harmonize with various home settings, while reflecting the company's image.
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